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The Circumcision & Natural Foreskin  "Coverage Index"


Circumcision Index

How much foreskin do you have left? One guy has come up with a CI "coverage index") scale.

Read more about the index and how to use it here:

Below are some photos from his CI: the whole thing is well worth a look.

Since the early days of the Internet, circumcision has been a contentious issue, and the Internet has provided a viable forum for those violently opposed to circumcision, and those firmly in favor of it.

Apart from the political, cultural and social issues that have been raised, somewhere in the middle there is a group of foreskin restorers working, whose ambition and objective is to restore the foreskin to the state it was in when they were born -- or least, as close to this as may be possible.

The results that come from foreskin restoration are truly remarkable, including softening of the glans, much greater comfort, and more enjoyable sex for both the man and the woman.

And in case you are in any doubt, it is possible to restore your foreskin, although it takes time, due to the adaptability of the tissue of the penile skin.

Now, whether or not you've been circumcised, if you live in the United States, you've grown up in a culture where circumcision has traditionally been accepted as "the normal". This means that women, and probably some men, have internalized a view of the circumcised penis as the "normal" penis.

The truth of the matter is that the uncircumcised penis is the normal penis, and the work of activists to stop this desecration of the baby boy has moved people's consciousness forward on many levels.

What I found interesting recently was the "circumcision index" that I came across, which is produced by guy who is restoring his foreskin, and which he has devised to provide some kind of guide to the degree of circumcision that a man has been subject to in childhood.

The truth here is that some men had a circumcision cut done more "tightly" than other men's, and the result of this is that their circumcisions removed more foreskin that will have been removed in other men.

Equally, uncircumcised men show a variable amount of foreskin, some barely covering the glans, and some having considerable overhang even when erect.

So our intrepid penile examiner has produced the coverage index, which allows you to estimate how much foreskin you have, in comparison to other men, no matter whether you've been circumcised or you haven't.

And his objective is to categorize the amount of foreskin that men have into 10 categories, ranging from virtually none - which means men have been heavily circumcised - all the way through to men who have a very long uncircumcised foreskin.

He makes the observation that many circumcised penises appear to have no foreskin when erect, and many natural penises seem to have a similar amount of foreskin when flaccid.

So to take account of this, he's developed an index that covers both the erect and flaccid states. Below are some photographs from his work, illustrating very clearly the consequences of circumcision - and, it must be said, the effect on sexual enjoyment of the woman and the man alike.

If you want to know more about how circumcision is thought to impact sexual pleasure you can read about it here and you can see an opposing view here.

Find the coverage index here.


The Coverage Index (Extracts - First and Last Categories)

Not shown - categories 2 - 7



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