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New! Updated February 27,2017

All About Love Between Men and Women

The Importance of penis size to women

You can read on this website a great deal of information about penis size and what a selection of women thought about it.

You can click here to see that information. However we need to look at this subject in a little bit more detail because if you look at the Internet you can see immediately that this is a question with no clear answer. In fact, generally, most articles make some kind of cop out about the importance of penis size to women by reassuring men that size doesn't matter, and as long as its big enough to penetrate a woman, well, then it's big enough.

penis size preferred by women

But the truth might be that this "just right" idea is only a sop to male insecurity, offered by respectful authors who don't want to upset their readers.

The reality of what men think about small penis size is pretty obvious to anybody who has seen the numerous adverts for penis enlargement that been prevalent around the Internet since the days when Yahoo was first and only search engine.

Therefore, as always, the question is how are we to establish the absolute facts about the matter? One researcher, Barnaby Dixson, used a series of different line drawings of naked men, which had been manipulated by computer so that they had different sized flaccid penises, to question women about their real penis size preferences.

It's not going to come as a surprise to anybody, I suspect, that he discovered slightly larger than average penises were favored by women. But this is a piece of information that stands alone, for women look at other characteristics such as torso shape, the size or height of the man, and how average penis size relates to a man's overall body image.

For example, if you're using an a line drawing which varies only in penis size, then the very small and very large penises might look out proportion to the overall shape of the body.

A more sophisticated way of examining this question is to use three-dimensional computer models which vary in torso shape, flaccid penis size, and overall height.

Now you have to keep in mind that we already know height and torso shape are definitely important in overall male attractiveness to women in particular, the proportion of the shoulder circumference to the waist circumference is vital in giving women a sense of a man's masculinity.

And when you do something like that experiment, you're approaching a much more real assessment of overall attractiveness. So the top line, or the bottom line, as you prefer, is that well endowed models in these tests actually got the best ratings, but it wasn't that simple: if they had masculine bodies, and they were taller, then they certainly did get the best ratings..... but the clear evidence here is that height, body shape, and penis size are interdependent factors in women's ratings of male attractiveness.

Now perhaps there aren't any great surprises that conclusion, but there's an interesting point which needs to be raised: women decide whether they are interested in a man long before they see his naked body, at least in general!

So does that mean that penis size has no influence over mating choice? I guess that depends on how well the sex goes. Let's suppose that a man can bring a woman to orgasm during intercourse, or to take a more extreme example, that he can induce her to produce a dramatic orgasm (colloquially, to "gush" or "squirt", i.e. female ejaculate) during lovemaking. That might be popular!

And also, if a man with a small penis is taking time and trouble and effort to pleasure a woman, and satisfy her in bed, then he is likely to be regarded with more favor than a man who ejaculates too soon (check this out), can't ejaculate at all (check this out), or generally doesn't take much care about the woman's sexual pleasure.

And the other interesting factor that plays into this is that we know that there is an orgasm gap between men and women, which manifests in the fact that during casual dates, hookups, first-time sex, and indeed in other situations like sex between ex-partners, men will orgasm about five times more frequently than women.

This appears to be due to the absence of an emotional connection, trust, respect, or intimacy between the partners. So it could well be that there is a interesting subset of men involved in casual dating those who don't feel inadequate around the area penis size.

which penis size do women prefer

One of the conclusions of the study on casual sex and the orgasm gap was that men on casual dates, hookups and first dates aren't really interested in satisfying woman, and appear to make very little effort to do so.

To me there's an implication or suggestion that this could mean men who indulge in casual sex are not like men who take time and trouble to pleasure a woman in bed to compensate for the size of their penis.

Regrettably of course this is all speculation, because when it comes down to it, I suspect not many men who are not well endowed will put themselves forward for studies surveys or scientific investigation.

It would make sense for women go to bed with a man with other objectives than sexual satisfaction: perhaps casual sex can reveal something about the character of a man or, perhaps, it simply allows a woman to work out whether a man is considerate and caring, and also whether or not he is physically attractive with his clothes off.

Certainly a disappointing first event in bed does not necessarily require a woman to get emotionally involved, and if she's entered into it with an open mind, then she can reject a man who doesn't measure up to her standards and move onto the next one.

Interestingly enough, in the work by Barnaby Dixson, women were extremely quick to assess the attractiveness of men so fast that it couldn't be conscious thing. In other words, the implication is that women choose their men on the basis of some subconscious "script" or predetermined physical characteristics.

Here we enter dangerous territory could it be that women really are assessing men on the basis of penis size, perhaps because in some way it is linked to the man's fertility, or his parenting ability, or his potency, or simply his self-confidence?

There are more clues to be gathered from using eye tracking technology.

Men look at the faces and chests of pictures of naked women, while women look at the faces and crotches of naked men. So the implication clearly is that women really are checking out size of the penis when they meet a man, perhaps a factor in deciding whether or not they want to "get involved" with him no matter what that might mean in any particular situation.

What I think we need to be aware of is the fact that those articles on the Internet which constantly proclaim penis size is OK as long as you are big enough to penetrate a woman (or whatever criteria the soothing tone of the author in question offers) they may simply not reflect the reality of life. And if that's true, then many of us are being fooled about what's actually important in the dating and mating game.

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